A blog about "Writing Blog´s"

I like to write about a lot of things, but I need to admit that I have some discipline problems, when I start something is too difficult to me finish it. Something like that happens to me with finish my blog activities but I enjoy it in many areas.
I like very much to learn in interactive, didactic or new ways, and this is one of them, it was so helpful and made me learnt a lot of new words and a lot of new ways of saying. I never wrote so many words in English at the same time, now I’m able to write even hundreds of words in a little lap of time
I dislike to write some commentaries, in so many blogs a have no things to say, no inputs to agree, and in this ambit is so troublesome don´t fall in write the same word all the time or in make some copy paste things. I dislike wrote about Santiago to, I don’t like it so much, and write about it was to annoying for me.

Well the Mauro´s blog was very funny to read, he wrote a lot of our anecdotes, and a lot of really long histories. Also I enjoy the Mario´s blog, his blog was a little more serious but, it had a lot of funny and interesting thing to read to. But an entry was the funnies entry ever! That was an entry of Alberto´s blog, something about Tom Cruise, and just when you open his blog, you saw a very gay picture with a really long commentary with the things that Beto´s loves about him.

A Piece of Art "The Temptation of St. Anthony,1946 (Dali)"

When I was a child I lived a time in Santiago too. In this year’s mi mother works in a big company as accountant, and in one of her travels to the work she saw this "piece of art", rather a replica, at the moment she have no money but she want to bought anyway, because of this she waited a few week while she can saved some money, at the next weekend she can do that and took it to home, after a few years when we traveled to Pichilemu the "The Temptation of St. Anthony" remained in our old home, or  a cousin stole it , I don´t remember well.
This piece is, in my opinion, the most representative work of the famous visual artist Dali, created in 1946. The real piece is painted in oil onto egg linen, is a surrealist work that measures about approximately one square meter. Actually this piece is preserved in the Musée Royaux des Beaux-Arts.
This work represents literally, the religious human temptations at time like:
The triumph and the power, represented by a big but skinny horse, which has its hooves worn and dusty.
 The sex and the woman representation, represented by a woman up the first elephant, and a woman body right up the third one.
And the gold and treasures represented by all the animals with a pyramid above its back, and a gold house carried by two elephants with the most skinny and long legs.
I like it because it piece remember me my old house.



This time, I need to talk about Santiago the center of the principal economical and administrative activities of Chile; this is a really big city, with a lot o people of all kind. The street performers, the painters, the crazy late guys in the metro station, the dogs, the fast-food sellers in all the corners, the musicians in the buses and a lot of thing give to Santiago a special taste. For the other hand, first the smoke, Santiago haves a big grey cloud of pollution all over the sky, in my first days in Santiago I had some breathing problems with the heavy and nasty air, specially in the afternoon, and second, side by side really, the heat. The heat of summer in this city is unbelievable, after the twelve o'clock or even before the place becomes to a realistic transpiration and isolation inferno, because of this is not rare see a lot of children playing in the street, with the fire hydrant water.

I arrived to this city a few years ago, I don´t have any respiration problems anymore but I still don’t like the air, I live in the periphery of the region, near San Bernardo, La Pintana, y Puente Alto. These places are something like the downtown, little houses, big families, non space for living, twin houses without backyard, and a lot of dirty blocks.  
I think that any person that lived once o more times out of Santiago, believes that is not a good city for living. For me Santiago is only a business center, for study a career but not for work a entire life. Of course I’m writing in the life quality way.    
In spite of this, I like the city colors, the architecture in the old Santiago, the histories, the animals but above all the friend I made.

Pablo´s "Blog Correction"

Well I don’t looking (WW) the horoscope usually, but I interest the (WT/SM) Chinese’s stuff. Anyway, my sign in the Chinese horoscope is Goat or Sheep, because I was born in autumn 1991.
By other hand, my star sign is Gemini, honestly I don’t know what the useless (WW) is of this horoscope. The Chinese horoscope is more mystic and millenary, and is more credible for me.
I read something about the horoscope just when I find it in a magazine or some like that when I go to the doctor or in the hairdresser when I wait my turn. I don’t interest (WW/WT) in this things really.
About the description of the Goat’s sign in www.chinesezodiac.com; this has something that not true for me (SM), for example I don’t have an artistic side or talent for that.  And the goods (WF/WW) works and careers for the goat aren’t my preference for this (WF) topics.
But a couple of ideas maybe are true; in a group I prefer the sidelines rather than the centre, and I’m quiet and reserved. The part when (SM) say about a few “close” friends is totally like me.
About the elements, mine is Metal because I born in 1991, but I don’t (SM) very comfortable whit (SP) the description about (WW) this element; I don’t feel fragile for inside and I am not an appreciative of art. But is true about the metal goats are close to understood and accept this.
Finally say (SM) the compatibility of goat is with rabbits and pigs, but that is for check.
Wrong Word (WW)
Something Missing (SM)
Spelling (SP)
Wrong Form (WF)
Wrong Tence (WT)


"The Metal Goat" Chinesse Horoscope 2012

Every person born in 1991 is a "Metal Goat". Really I don’t know how to begin, but the web page says that this Chinese sign symbolizes character traits as creativity, intelligence, dependability, and calmness.

Calm, I don´t know, I´m a little hyperactive and I have some concentration disorders, but a can to be calm sometimes, I guess. Creative, I can do that, sometimes, I like to draw things, of all kind and, create and make some clay figurines, from realistic things to fantasy, and I like to play the bass, I have created some good songs in some bands were I was, that is creative I thought. Well Intelligence, my friends saw that I am intelligent sometimes, and other times not, because of that I don´t know if that fact is correct at all. Finally I don’t like to be dependent, I try to do my things and don´t ask for help all the time.

Well this webpage also says that the goats born in the 1931 and 1991 are “Metal Goats”, yep I like the “Metal” part, but I still don´t like the “Goat” part.

In that webpage says that the “Metal Goats” are tough on the outside and fragile inside, that is a little gay stuff, well for the other side it says that we are appreciative with the arts, that good I guess, I like all the art expressions except the dance, I don´t know, I´m just can´t to understand the expression itself.  

Now I don´t like my Chinese sign but with time I believe that I can get it.

… and a Happy New Year!